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Homeopathic Medicine For ADHD, Anxiety, And Depression

In the recent years, there have been substantial increases in the number of cases of people with hyperactivity and ADHD.  There are several theories, with one that it is hereditary and some saying that it is because of the high-speed world that we are living in.

A lot of people would often wonder why is it that ADHD – a psychological condition that’s characterized by hyperactivity – is treated the best with medications and drugs that tend to stimulate the brain even further. If you wonder the same, then you probably are familiar with the theory of “curing like with like” – the premise behind one of the most popular alternative treatment i.e. homeopathy.

A prominent feature of homeopathy is that every patient is treated in a unique manner. Each patient receives an individualized treatment that’s tailored to their biology and symptoms. We will assess each patient with anxiety disorder or ADHD, and works to find out a remedy base on this pattern of the symptoms.  The homeopathy medicine for anxiety disorder, anxiety, depression, and ADHD thus prepared by the homeopath will not just target their symptoms of anxiety, sleeping disorders, hyperactivity, and inattention but heal these unhealthy patterns to prevent to reoccur.

A boy aged 5 came for the moderate autistic pattern. He was have all the classical symptoms of the autism, like flapping, no eye contact, he was obstinate, was completely Asocial, under developed fine motor skills, echolalia( repeat the same words),he was also very much stubborn and hyperactive.

After 1-1/2 year of the treatment child has now mellow down, his motor skills has improved significantly, almost no flapping, he is going to school, he is asking for the food ,recognized them, eye contact is significantly improved. There is marked progress in his behavior in SI THERAPY AND ABA THERAPY.

The most and significant challenge in the today’s world is the mental health, diseases like includes anxiety, depression, fear, phobia, post- traumatic stress disorder which can lead to substance abuse as well.

These illnesses force the person to live almost dysfunctional life, there is total or partial devoid of pleasure, happiness and interest level in the life.  And chemical substance or medicine will almost suppressed these illnesses which lead to further severe complication in the life. Other group of people with these illnesses can get substance addicts as well.

Homeopathy puts the person in the center and tries to understand his genetic and physical make up, his emotional issues, coping mechanism to environmental factor and other stimuli, it broadens scope of curing these patients rather than just handling or suppressing their illness.

A girl aged 17 was suffering from performance induced anxiety, she had fear of failure in the exams, she used to feel that she is never going to succeed in the exam or for that any matter in the life. For her failure means losing the position in the eyes of parents and society and feel outcast and of no value in the social circle.  With carefully selected homeopathic she overcomes this anxiety as well as feeling of the no or little value, she is coping her life situation in more healthy manner now. she is more relax and creative and confident then earlier.