About Us

Dr. Pintu Kanani

  • He is a Young Dynamic Homeopath with Immense Patience and Sensitivity and a thorough back ground of Homeopathic Philosophy Makes him Popular Among Homeopathic Circle.
  • Graduated from the Premier Institute, Gujarat Homeopathic Medical College, Savli with First Class in 2002. He is Practicing and Teaching Homeopathy Since then and having experience in Homeopathy practice and teaching of 15 years.
  • He is also conducting individual as well as group healing sessions for healing through meditative modules like inner child work, family constellations along with past life regression therapy.
  • Dr. Pintu Kanani is Visiting Faculty to Shree Mahalaxmi  Mahila Homeopathic Medical College, Baroda,has also Served in Other Colleges Like in G.H.M.C  and J.N.H.M.C  For More than 4 years.
  • He was Secretary for the Homeopathic Seminars  in Baroda for 2002, 2005, and 2007.
  • He has also given Seminars to the Doctors and Students Of Homeopathy and his Seminars are Well Received and He is Popular Amongst Students for his Explanation and Approach of Case Taking.
  • Dr. Pintu Kanani is Conducting Courses for the Students and Homeopaths,his Clinical Course are Well Received and Appreciated by Students and Homeopaths.He has Conducted Clinical Course in 2005, 2006, 2007,Where in He Demonstrated the Art and Efficiency of Case Taking and Zeroing into the Remedy.
  • His Constant Desire to Learn and Contribute in Homeopathy has Lead him to Proving Different Substances,He is right now busy with Penning Down With the Proving Which He has Recently Conducted.
  • He has  also Given  Seminars in Schools and Kindergarten On the  Topic “What Does the Future Hold”, Which has Helped the Parents, Teachers to Understand Their Children Better and has also Helped  in Resolving  the Problem Regarding  Physical and Mental Development of the Children During their Course of Childhood.
  • He has also given Seminar on “Homeopathy as a Career Option” for the Student of 11-12th Science,for Making them Aware of This Beautiful Science, and about its Applicability in Cure.
  • Acknowledge by the Patients for his Calmness,Patience  and Sensitive Approach in Handling and Going Along With them in the Process of Case Taking Which Makes the Patient More Comfortable in the Process of Self Awareness.

Dr. Anupama Kanani

  • She is Young and Pulsating Homeopath,her Ingenuousness Makes her Widely Acceptable Amongst Patients,Students and Doctors.
  • Graduated from the Prestigious Institute from Baroda Homeopathic Medical College and has Got Gold Medals through Out her Academic Career and is Practicing and teaching since 13 years as homeopath and therapist
  • She is also a Lecturer in Shree Mahalaxmi Mahila Homeopathic Medical College, Baroda since 2006, She was also Lecturer at J.N.H.M.C. and in G.H.M.C
  • Dr. Anupama Kanani is Very Much Appreciated for her Dedication and Strong Philosophical Background in the Subjects.
  • Her Constant Desire to Evolve Self in Homeopathy Leads her to Participate in Various Promotional Activities in Homeopathy and Understand Various Approaches in Homeopathy Thoroughly.
  • Besides Homeopathy She is Even Interest in Social Services,Yoga,Meditation and Self Healing Method Which Along With the Homeopathic Treatment Helps in Better Health Of Patients.
  • She also Takes Meditative Regression and Healing Sessions With Students and Doctors.
  • The Doctors have Documented Cured Cases of Asthma,Thyroid Disorders, Pneumonia,Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease and Epilepsy Which have been taken Care of Exclusively With Homeopathy.These have been Regularly Monitored
    Pathologically and Evaluated by Specialists in the Respective Subjects.
  • They are Conducting Regular Seminars Of Students and Doctors in Which they Teach Them Homoeopathy and its Practical Approach Through Documented Cured Cases.