Homeopathy F.A.Q 2

Why So much Of Time is taken in Homeopathic Case Taking ?

In today’s material and competitive world man has also become mechanical and material. We have now become less connected to the self. Through out the life how much time do we get to get within us, to meet our true self, to feel each of our feelings purely with out the ifs and buts and does and don’ts of the outer world? How much are we able to connect with our self ? In majority of cases every individual has two dimensions of life, one the outer worldly one in which we try to adapt according to our needs and requirements of the society and the other one where we are the way we are, the way we wish to be. It’s our pure energy and reality and case taking is a process through which the homeopath travels with the patient to the deepest experience of th being so starting from the physical level passing through the emotions, delusions till the level of sensation and energy. Thus the process requires time because the patient has to go from the outside world to the inside, to the self, from the worldly matter to the deepest experience.

In this process basically the patient is the traveler and the doctor is a facilitator who helps him to go to that experience, to go deep within to the self and be aware of the problems.

A Homeopath has not just to know about the pattern of the present complaint of the patient in detail but also its effect on the individual as a whole. Along with that it becomes also necessary to understand the person in regards to his nature, behaviour, likes and dislikes , the tendencies he has within, etc in detail.  Thus it takes time and patience to have a homeopathic case taking.